Wooden Shower Enclosures: Ideas and Suggestions

Are wooden shower stalls an alternative to the classic shower enclosure? Does wood guarantee excellent performance, or is it a vehicle for mold? In the following article, we will answer these and other questions. We will give an overview on the subject and offer some advice for those who want to save money without cutting quality in the background.

The features of a wooden shower enclosure

The wooden box shower does not exist. Or, at least, there are no entirely wooden ones. This material is used to the maximum to make the shower tray. This is not an aesthetic habit, but a correct choice which, although not irrelevant for the price, has functional consequences.

The wooden shower stalls (or rather, with wooden plates) represent a variant that is still not widespread but can improve the experience of using this shower, and not at all dangerous in terms of health, indeed.

Wooden shower enclosures: pros and cons

The most important and significant value of shower enclosures with wooden plates is safety guarantees. Classic shower trays are naturally smooth so that they could cause falls, at least potentially. Wood, on the other hand, is a non-slip material by definition, so it does not pose this risk.

Furthermore, wood is more hygienic than metal, PVC, ceramics, and any other material that can be composed of a shower tray. This characteristic is not at all distinct: indeed, the collective imagination is wood as a material that favors the appearance of mold and fungus. At least about shower stalls, this is not the case at all. If belonging to specific types, well treated and sufficiently maintained, the wood is 100% hygienic.

The only defect of wooden shower stalls consists of the price. It is not very high, but in any case, it is, on average higher than that of traditional boxes.

Wooden shower cabin: which to choose?

There are two types of wooden shower enclosures, with a wooden base: with a fixed shower tray and a platform. The main feature of the latter is its removability. It can be easily removed, revealing a classic dish.

The fixed shower trays, on the other hand, are not removable and replace the plate entirely and definitively.

Even more important is the choice of the material, or the type of wood. Generally, teak is preferred, which stands out for its aesthetics, solidity, and resistance to water and chemicals. However, like wood, it still requires a waterproofing treatment.

Wooden shower enclosure installation: who to contact?

The shower box with a wooden plate represents a sui generis variant of the traditional shower cubicle. Also because, for now, the prejudices around the wood instrument are extreme (eg, susceptibility to mold). For this reason, both the sale and installation of this type of box is the prerogative of a few companies. So, before finding the right figure for you, be prepared to work a little.

Go, therefore, only to companies specialized in the installation of special shower enclosures, able to find themselves at ease even with little variations anyway and with that new instrument, which is wood.

Wooden shower enclosures: what are the prices?

The prices, as we have seen, are highly variable. From this point of view, there are no significant differences with traditional shower enclosures. Also, in this case, there are factors such as the material (or the type of wood), the presence of any accessories, and the margin of description that both manufacturers and installers reserve. However, it is rare to spend more than 4,500 euros, all-inclusive (purchase and installation).

  • Box wooden shower low value and with a few accessories: from 700,00 € to 1.300,00 €.
  • Box excellent wood shower and with many accessories: from 1.300,00 € to 1.800,00 €.
  • Box excellent wood shower: from 1.900,00 € to 4.500,00 €.

Wooden shower cabin: how to save?

You can also save when you intend to buy and install a wooden shower enclosure. However, the issue must be handled with care, given the risk of sacrificing quality on the savings altar. There must be a precise balance between the two elements. Here’s what to do.

  • Contact more companies.
  • Ask all the budget.
  • Compare the cost assumptions thus obtained.
  • Identify the company that seems to guarantee the best value for money.

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