Small Modern Bathrooms. (Part 2)

How to take advantage of spaces

Often we find ourselves in front of bathrooms of small sizes that give the impression of being much more spacious than they really are. This is because, with the right precautions, it is really possible to give the impression of greater size.

The modern bathrooms are often very small because they derived from rooms with sizes of small or home environments before used for other functions, such as a closet.

It can also happen that a bathroom is small because it is part of a bedroom; for example, there are indeed many who manage to create a second bathroom in the room. We try to understand which choices could be preferable to organize a small bathroom.

In a small modern bathroom, you can make the most of the space by creating a custom shower stall. The ideal is to use one of the corners of the bathroom, avoiding to insert a box of square or rectangular shape, but rather choosing a shower tray with a rounded shape that does not steal too much space and follow the opening of the door.

The shower will end up in the shape of a flower petal and will be very comfortable because it is set in a blind corner where nothing else could have been put. The same door, then, can be designed in a sliding way to eliminate its opening space, transforming it into the more usable square footage.

If the bathroom is not windowed, you can choose the layout of the sanitary ware at will, bearing in mind, however, that the combination of WC and bidet, in a very small bathroom, is better placed along the same wall rather than with a sanitary in front other. Place the toilet in front of the bidet. In fact, it implies the waste of all the space of the back wall, usually the one on the short side, in charge of this arrangement.

If, on the other hand, the WC and the bidet are lined up on the same long side of the bathroom, even better if on the same side where the shower is located, the whole front wall remains to put the sink and the bathroom cabinet against it.

If the room is windowed, it may become a bit more complex to furnish a small modern bathroom, but in that case, you can create an essential sink without a cabinet around and delegate to space under the window the laying of a piece of furniture that saves space for everyone necessary bathroom items.

Which colors to choose to make the bathroom bright

The colors that make your small modern bathroom bright are many and can be sought both in the furnishings and in the walls. The tiles or the plaster of the bathroom, in fact, must be studied so as not to make those who enter it feel stifled.

For non-windowed bathrooms, wall tiles with shades of Havana and ecru are very suitable, which are very natural color spots and can also be combined with towels and accessories of any color. The ceramics of the sanitary ware, as it was said before, it is better than it is in a shade of white, possibly solid color (therefore no material mottled or with strange nuances).

When you choose accessories such as the bathroom mop, the soap dish, or the toothbrush holder, then look for them in light, and cheerful colors, preferably pastel: green, blue, pink are very suitable colors in a similar bathroom.

As for the towels and the bath material (which must be taken into account if it is a bathroom also used by guests), they cannot be too bright colors: orange or red too intense are therefore forbidden.

This depends on the fact that in a small bathroom with canonical furniture, a carmine red towel catches all the attention and steals the space and the scene from everything else, negating your efforts to make the environment seem wider. Much better to fall back on colors more muted, like green or light blue.

Finally, the furniture or wall units you choose to save space in a small and modern bathroom must be as functional and discreet as possible, but above all, in tune with style. The best are those in timber or other clear material with defined shapes: avoid strange shapes and decorations that would have a psychedelic effect, reducing, even more, the little space available.

The natural colors are the best, so the advice is to not try at all costs pickled furniture or enameled, preferring the color instead naturally.

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