Small Modern Bathrooms. (Part 1)

In recent years, houses tend to be smaller and smaller, and efforts must be made to organize spaces that are becoming increasingly limited. Decorating small modern bathrooms is not so difficult! It is enough to make the most of the spaces and furnish them in a minimal and essential style, as in all modern bathrooms. Here are some ideas on how to renovate and furnish small bathrooms in a modern style.

How to furnish small modern bathrooms

Now that you have decided how to make space in a small bathroom, all you have to do is furnish it.

Starting from the assumption that if the bathroom is small and maybe even lower ceiling, the feeling of suffocation can occur before, it is absolutely prohibited the furniture and the health of very dark colors. In fact, the smoky gray ceramic or London stone or other charged shades are suitable only for very bright and large bathrooms.

Yes, to white ceramic, which gives a sense of airiness and space, expanding the perspectives and helping the eye to get used to a very small environment. For the shower, the same principle applies, in the sense that a shower curtain would tend to take away space, while a glass that repairs the shower box, due to its transparency, breaks through the perspective and makes the bathroom look bigger.

It is advisable to choose round-shaped sanitary ware, thus eliminating the idea of ​​a square bidet or sink, undoubtedly very design but not very practical in a small bathroom. The sink, as well as ceramic, can also be made of tempered glass similar to the shower cubicle, although in very small rooms, it is still preferable to choose a single line for the bathroom fixtures and follow it.

The plumbing fixtures are very important: the best ones to use in a modern and small bathroom are the chrome ones, which immediately give an idea of ​​practicality and cheerfulness, compared to the brass fittings that are more suitable for more spacious and other kinds of bathrooms.

If you have no other space in the house and you have to make even a niche for the washing machine, the advice is to place it next to the sink or under it (at that point the solution to separate the bathroom cabinet from the sink is a must, because underneath the latter is the washing machine and therefore the furniture does not enter), therefore on the opposite wall compared to bidet and WC, to avoid inconvenient inconveniences in the use of these sanitary ware.

Finally, the choice of furniture to store all the products is fundamental. If the bathroom has space at the top to attach shelves, you should always buy a pair and place them over the mirror of the sink: on them, you can store the products for cleaning the bathroom, the toilet paper, and other objects for the care of the home.

In the same way, some bathroom mirrors are sold, including shelves with small doors next to them, suitable for holding tricks, brushes, and objects for the care and hygiene of the person at hand.

It is essential, however, another piece of furniture to store towels or other: if the room is not windowed, this piece of furniture can also take the form of a shelving that goes from the floor to the ceiling, better if closed by a door so as to protect your privacy (if the bathroom is in use and not in the room), while if there is a window under it you can place a low and large piece of furniture, better if made of doors and drawers.

Even in the choice of furniture, you have to totally banish very dark colors, preferring materials like wood or wicker and light natural colors like white, Havana, ivory. The important thing is not to include classic pieces of furniture and follow the instructions on how to furnish a modern bathroom, large or small.

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