Blind Bathroom: Solutions and Advice

In the blind bathroom, since there is no window, the greatest difficulty encountered is to create adequate ventilation in the room, so as not to run into annoying problems. Nowadays, the spaces in our homes are increasingly limited, so why give up these precious square meters and maybe the opportunity to have a second bathroom? The number one rule in modern homes is OPTIMIZATION OF SPACES, so don’t throw in the towel because, with small steps, you won’t have to give up your blind bath!

  • The greatest danger to which one goes, not having a window, is that moisture and mold are formed. The easiest thing to do to avoid condensation is to leave the door open every day for at least a quarter of an hour. Better if there is another room next door, so you will have the opportunity to open the window of the adjacent room, and this will produce an air circulation.
  • This is not enough, but it will certainly improve the situation.

What is essential in a blind bathroom is the installation of a good ventilation system. We can mainly distinguish two types:

  1. NATURAL. Natural ventilation aims to use the natural air convection movement, created by the temperature difference between indoor air and outdoor air, by installing ventilation grilles: low for the entry of fresh air and high for the exit of the hot air. For an effective mechanism, obviously, the vents must not be covered by furniture.
  2. MECHANICS. A mechanical ventilation system will essentially have two functions: the first one for extracting air from the inside and the second for introducing pure air from the outside. It will come into operation using a simple switch, or you can choose a system that is connected to the lighting of the blind in the bathroom and then automatically starts with the lighting.

There are also some systems connected to timers. In this case, you will decide how often to change the air in the room.

There are many systems on the market, those of the latest generation, in addition to ensuring the exchange of air, also recovers thermal energy, which would otherwise be dispersed. In this case, the heat is recovered from the outgoing air, and this is transferred to the incoming one, so as to produce real energy savings and consequent reduction in heating costs.

Of course, to understand what you really need, we suggest you seek advice from an expert and above require more free quotes from companies in your zone in, so you can choose the best deal, and most of all, that is within the budget you have available. Always better to avoid that in the end there are bad surprises!

In case you do not know which type of ventilation system can do for you, we suggest some aerators that have been installed with satisfaction by some of our users:

Helical Wall Vortex Aspirator

Although it is not the most sophisticated vacuum cleaner in the catalog of the well-known Vortice brand, this model is characterized by the economy, efficiency, and silence. Many of our users have had it installed in their blind bathrooms and assure us that it performs its task perfectly: in the space of 4 square meters, it has substantially eliminated the problem of the onset of mold on the walls.

Blauberg Quatro Platinum Bath Vacuum Cleaner

  • Regarding the type of paint to be used, the most suitable for the blind bath is definitely water-based paint, resistant to the formation of condensation, mold, and bacteria. Besides being washable, on the market, there are specific types even more resistant to humidity. It must be diluted with water before use. It is available in a wide range of colors, for all tastes. Pay close attention to the information on the label on the right proportions and drying time. If you are not competent in the matter, ask a professional for help, so you can get an optimal job and receive more quotes from the companies in your area you will be able to save.
  • The preferred materials for a blind bath are the water- repellent ones. To protect the walls, you could opt for extruded polystyrene panels, a bit expensive but waterproof. They will allow you to preserve your walls better. The thicker the panels, the stronger the insulation will be. The panel is available in various thicknesses and is very versatile, depending on the needs. Any shape can be made in a personalized way and are available in different versions.

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