Bathtub Replacement with Shower

Bathtub and shower replacement is a pervasive operation today. Probably, in addition to the many practical reasons, it helps to make this choice make the fact that several steps forward have been made in the innovation and comfort of the showers. In fact, in addition to being cheaper, more ecological, and faster, the latest shower models mean that it can also be synonymous with relaxation if the column is equipped with a hydromassage, known for its numerous benefits.

When you decide to replace the bathtub with a shower, in addition to saving water, there is also a saving in terms of space, which becomes of fundamental importance, especially in a bathroom that does not have large sizes, where it is essential to optimize the spaces.

For example, in the area where the bathtub is located, very often, in addition to installing the shower, you can also insert the washing machine. Many opt for the replacement of the bathtub with shower also for reasons of accessibility. Especially for the elderly, it remains difficult to enter the tub, while it remains much easier to access the shower.

The bathtub occupies an important space. If it were walled up when it is going to be removed, there would remain some parts of the floor and wall without the covering that is present in the rest of the wall and the flooring.

Consequently, a solution must be found to have an optimal result. In order to minimize interventions, the ideal would be to replace the tub with a shower of identical size.

It is also possible to have a customized shower built. If you have kept any tiles left over from the first assembly work, you would not have any problems because you could apply them in the restructuring on the parts that do not have them.

In case you want to put a smaller shower in comparison to the bathtub and you are not in possession of any tile of the existing covering, you will have two options:

  • change the coating of the entire wall;
  • Find alternative solutions, such as the use of the mosaic on the parts that remain uncovered. This could eventually give a touch of design to your bathroom. Alternatively, it is possible to apply the same or even different material, looking for a contrast, playing on this difference. In short, it is possible to create truly original solutions, and the replacement tub with shower will become an opportunity to improve and personalize your bathroom!

Obviously, it is advisable to ask for help from experts in the replacement tub with shower in your area that will offer you their idea, and you can receive free estimates and choose the solution you like best at the most affordable price!

To avoid completely renovating the bathroom , given the growing number of people who are now replacing the tub with shower , there are commercially available wall panels , which perfectly embellish the void left by the tub, without obviously taking up the necessary space for the passage of water supply and water discharge, ensuring that the shower is sealed.

In summary, we can identify some steps to complete the bathtub and shower replacement :

  • Inspection, necessary to carefully examine the situation and check if there are any impediments or difficulties. Fundamental to ensure that companies can offer their budget in detail.
  • Removing the bathtub.
  • Pre separation of the surface that will host the shower with a passage occurs discharges.
  • Installation of the shower tray.
  • Wall cladding in parts that remain uncovered, depending on the choice you made in advance.
  • Installation of shower enclosures, taps, and all the chosen accessories.
  • Bathroom cleaning.Before making the choice on which solution to adopt, get quotes that take into account every aspect and what works precisely you will do, so as not to have any nasty surprises in the end, both in terms of costs and timing to complete the work.

As for the costs for replacing the tub with shower, obviously, these will depend on the quality of the materials and the type of shower you will choose. In principle, we can say that the expense, including the removal of the tank, the installation of the shower, and all the material that is needed, starts from a minimum of 1500 €.

Which shower to choose?

When you go to replace the tub with the shower, it is good that the shower is of quality, to obtain an optimal result and have an element that lasts over time.

In Italy, in this field, we are truly excellence; we boast of truly enviable products, which are often requested and exported abroad.

An excellent company in the sector is certainly the Grandform company. It has been present on the Italian market for over thirty years and offers truly cutting-edge and innovative products.

For example, it has a section dedicated to multifunctional showers for wellness that allow steam baths, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, and music therapy. Usually, this type of function is typical of whirlpool baths, but in this case, it is possible to combine the practicality of the shower with the comfort of the tub!

Another impressive reality in the market in the field of showers and other bathroom elements is undoubtedly Leroy Merlin. It has an immense series of box shower, from the simplest to the cabins tub, equipped with many features. The prices are quite variable and go from the really simple and cheap shower to that which is costing more demanding figures.

These companies have an excellent reputation, but like almost all companies, opinions are often conflicting, with satisfied customers, the majority, and others a little less happy, the minority.

We believe that the best choice, in any case, is always to request more free estimates and without obligation and take all the time necessary to reflect.

By comparing more offers, you can always make a more informed choice, so it is a good idea never to stop at the first estimate.

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