Baths for Houses by the Sea: Ideas and Advice

When the hottest month of the year approaches, the summer houses come back to life. Comfortable rooms, fresh, with colors and furnishings that make every moment relaxing, together with your friends or family. If you intend to do restoration work, you often focus immediately on the bathroom to improve the look, the design, the atmosphere. Let’s see together all the useful tips and some ideas to create a new bathroom for the beach house.

Bathrooms for houses by the sea: the features

The bathrooms in our beach houses are often different than those we have in our home in the city. It starts with the choice of colors, playing with colors that can remind the marine environment and the beach. Blue, blue, and turquoise are therefore preferred, which are combined with the idea of ​​a clear sky, summer days, and waves. White furniture is often used, which stands out and gives great brightness to the room.

An element that surely cannot miss is the shower instead of the bathtub. This is because it is more practical in the hot season when you are refreshed several times a day. Sometimes in beach houses, you choose to have a shower even outside to rinse the sand from your body before entering the house. It can be inserted in the garden or in the courtyard, if available, also creating some characteristic buildings for privacy, for example, with stones or bamboo canes.

Even the choice of themed accessories is very common for bathing in beach houses, the marine style is very nice and cheerful and allows you to insert elements such as mirrors in the shape of portholes, shutters that recall the style used by the cabins on the beach or many other accessories like sailor strings, wooden elements, shells.

Bathrooms for houses by the sea: what materials

The preferred materials for creating bathrooms for houses by the sea are, above all, majolica and mosaics, the main color is always blue. Coatings for walls and floors in this way, perhaps alternating with lighter colored ceramics, create very pleasant plays of color. Even the cement tiles, hand-painted or with printed graphics, are back in fashion, creating special effects that they like very much. They are beautiful on the walls of the bathroom or even just in the shower.

Often, if the room is not very large, it is advisable to choose a single wall or portion of the wall to be enhanced with ceramic tiles in order not to make the effect too heavy. Alternatively, there are also wallpapers that reproduce majolica, modern and stylish decorations, which among other things, allow you to save a lot.

Often the houses on the beach are not large, and so you have to optimize the spaces, you often choose to furnish the bathroom in a space-saving way, laying teak wood floors, the same as the boats, to be also used as a shower tray. The unique and continuous surface makes you feel the widest space.

Bathrooms for houses by the sea: how to furnish them?

To furnish the bathroom of the beach house, you can choose white furniture, especially if the environment is particularly in shades of blue and blue. They stand out and give brightness, as we have said. If you prefer more sober colors for the environment, instead of blue, then choose sand shades, enhancing simply with some detail, such as the carpet or colored wall units.

The simple bathroom furniture, also beautiful in rough wood, perfectly matches the marine-style furnishing accessories, the lines are back in fashion. White and blue, white and red or white and blue look good on towels, for example. Always be careful not to overdo it.

The shells are another must, large on a shelf, single and framed hanging on the walls or many and small in transparent glass vases with sand. Complements and accessories made of natural or bleached wood along with rope carpets also make a lot of seas. Always keep a sober environment without going overboard with the decorations.

I am restoring the bathroom of a house by the sea: who to contact?

If you intend to proceed with the renovation of the bathroom of your holiday home, then contact a professional expert in the field who will be able to carry out the work with the utmost seriousness and ensuring the results you desire. If you want to dare and you need advice from a design expert, have an inspection done and consider together the best and most original solutions.

Bathroom renovation of a beach house: how to save?

Bathroom renovation works are often very expensive. It also depends on the type of work you want to do.

Requesting more quotes for the renovation of the bathroom at the beach and comparing them is the most effective way to save money, choosing the one that most convinces with the relationship between quality and price.

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