Bathroom with Parquet: Ideas and Advice

The bathroom with parquet is a very modern and original idea, which makes the pleasant feeling of walking barefoot on the wood even in this room livable. Ancient sensations and warm atmospheres, this is the result of laying the parquet in the bathroom, which thus becomes a real wellness area. You need some little tricks and know all the necessary information to make the bathroom with parquet a perfect relaxation area and let the floor remain unchanged over time.

Why make a bathroom with a parquet?

If you still have any doubts about the bathroom with parquet, then let’s see what the reasons that can push you to opt for this solution are.

First of all, the greatest value is its beauty, and making the environments in which you live pleasantly is not something to be underestimated. The bathroom is then one of the most popular places in the house; parquet is a material that coordinates perfectly with the style of the bathroom and its furnishing components, which enhances the tones and the general effect.

Moreover, it is a material that adapts to both the modern and the classic or retro minimal and hyper-technological styles, thanks to its infinite possibilities of customization. If the spaces in the bathroom allow it, then the parquet can be combined with other coverings, differentiating the functions of the room, cutting out some areas.

There is also a myth that water is the main enemy of the parquet. In part, it is true; humidity is more so, which in fact, is absorbed by the fibers of the wood, causing changes in color and deformation. Even water is a source of problems, but only if it stagnates, so basically parquet is very practical, just ventilate the bathroom to prevent the floor from getting ruined, a secret that is not so complex to put into practice.

Another reason why you can choose to lay the parquet in the bathroom is the fact that cleaning this type of floor is very simple. In fact, it is sufficient to pass the vacuum cleaner first and then a damp cloth with the appropriate product. There is not even the annoyance of having to clean mold and dust between the joints or other cavities, as is the case with tiles instead.

Above all, parquet has a hardness that often tends to be underestimated. Obviously, it is not comparable to marble, but it is still very strong and above all, easy to keep always beautiful and intact. Depending on the finish and type of wood chosen, it is possible to intervene to remove scratches and marks easily. The bathroom with parquet is an excellent solution. This floor is aesthetically beautiful, pleasant to the touch and durable, a perfect trio.

Bathroom with parquet: pros and cons

We have therefore seen the reasons why you can choose to lay the parquet in the bathroom, all the advantages that this beautiful material brings, which makes it nice to walk on it with bare feet, and that is very durable and easy to clean.

There are also disadvantages, first of all, the parquet is not laid in the bathroom when water is considered an enemy too strong against the beauty of the wooden floor. Getting out wet from the shower, with all the drops that fall on the floor, is a great threat, as is the steam we produce when we bathe or shower, which can also condense on the floor. The bathroom is also a domestic environment where hygiene and cleanliness are extremely necessary. It is often feared that the wooden floor will be ruined with too aggressive detergents.

It is advisable not to put the parquet in the bathroom when you have small children or teenagers. The risk is that taking a bath in the tub will flood the floor, and then the parquet will be damaged irreparably.

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